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2024 Dream Challenge - Applied Underwriters Invitational

Tidewater Golf Club

August 26, 2024

David Feherty Off Tour - Gene's Dream Foundation Fundraiser

Greg Rowels Legacy Theater

October 27, 2024

Gene’s Dream Foundation

Gene’s Dream Foundation honors the life and accomplishments of Gene Weldon. It is the culmination of family and friends impacted by the persistence of this legendary mentor to introduce golf to children and teach them how to love the game. Throughout his life, Gene left his mark on the golf industry in the Myrtle Beach, SC area through mentoring youth. His impact has been spread by those he inspired to be the best they can be. Many people throughout the golf industry credit their success and understanding of life through golf to Gene Weldon.

 We will continue the process of mentoring in his honorby way of the Mentor Cup. We can only hope to be as effective as Gene, and to use his legacy to help others see the importance of mentoring youth. Thank you, Gene, for helping us to understand how and why you affected us. You will be missed, but will always live in our hearts and our efforts to carry on your dream.

How about you? Do you have a mentor? A desire to give back? If so, there’s a story to tell, an opportunity waiting, or a child who could benefit from you.

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