Tom Frenier

Principal, TJF Consulting

Board Treasurer – Gene’s Dream Foundation

Favorite Core Value: Integrity

“My early career was spent in the financial discipline of varying businesses and I can assure you that integrity is an absolute requirement for whomever is responsible for accumulating and reporting a company’s financial performance.  And having strong moral principles has served me well as I moved into positions of general management and business ownership.”

On Mentoring:

“I have benefited from a number of key mentors as I moved through life but I have to go back to my Dad as the one who had the greatest influence on me. He instilled in me the values I use every day in choosing paths to follow and decisions to make. Yes I did have mentors that helped me acquire business skills but those are specific to selected situations. A tip of the hat to Bob MacNally who as president of Tommy Armour Golf (formerly PGA Golf) mentored me in a challenging but supportive way; thanks Bob! However, the core values my Dad ingrained into me have served me well in virtually every challenging situation I have been faced with throughout life.”


Tom has served in senior management positions in a variety of industries as well as various size businesses. His contributions are primarily in General Management as well as each of the functional disciplines within an organization. Because of this varied background in numerous disciplines, combined with multiple opportunities to serve as Owner and President, Tom has accumulated a wealth of knowledge – and the ability to put it to use.