Rod Jahner

President, Level Four International

Partner, Beach Back, LLC

Board Treasurer – Gene’s Dream Foundation

Favorite Core Value: Integrity

“By definition integrity is ‘adherence to moral principles and honesty.’ People of integrity not only do the right thing, but their word is their bond and you can always depend on them for results.”

On Mentoring:

“I’ve always admired the true mentors who selflessly share their accumulated wisdom to help others grow. More than likely they were mentored themselves whether or not they realized it at the time. The mentee becomes the mentor. What I find interesting is that highly successful people continue to seek out learned opinions in their quest for continued self-improvement. The mentor continues to be a mentee. Surround yourself with people like this. They get it.”


Rod Jahner is a risk management executive with global experience in training and executive development. He was with Citibank and Standard Chartered Bank for 27 years, the last ten in Singapore covering Asia, Australia, the Middle East and Africa. Thousands around the world have attended his risk management training courses.

In 2009, Jahner founded Level Four International (LFI) with a mission to improve management effectiveness through training course design and facilitation, management simulations, material and case study development, and presentation and interactive teaching skills. LFI has developed training for clients in Europe, Asia and the US. Rod also spent five years as an executive recruiter, is a Certified Personnel Consultant, Master Coach, Certified Professional Resume Writer and a patent holder for Education Through the Employment of Gaming.

Jahner is a founding partner at Beach Back, LLC, a startup providing portable lumbar supports for beach and athletic chairs, as well as developing a new product designed for use in the medical industry.

Community activity included seven years as Commissioner of the Singapore American Football League (SAFL), and board member and Treasurer of the Singapore American Community Action Council. Jahner organized volunteers and worked with local military, the US Ambassador’s office, corporate sponsors and NFL Films to promote the SAFL; an annual volunteer service award bears his name. More recently Rod was a Committee Member for The Todd Welden Invitational (today the Future Generations Tournament) in 2013 and 2014.