Jill Chandler

          Ocean Drive Elementary

School Counselor, Ocean Drive Elementary

Board Secretary – Gene’s Dream Foundation

Favorite Core Value: Honesty 

“Honesty and integrity are closely related core values that are important to me. Making the right choice in any situation is something instilled in me from an early age. More than anything else, it is the way to treat others. Honesty is not just the truth, but what is deep inside of us that others can rely upon.”

On Mentoring:

“As a school counselor, I mentor little friends each and every day. Leading by example is one of the best ways to mentor others.  Guiding others and supporting their growth takes wisdom and commitment. Mentors challenge and help mentees develop at their own pace in a constructive way. The best mentors do not criticize, but rather build up and encourage.”

Jill moved to North Myrtle Beach from Winston-Salem, NC as she began high school. It is then that she met Wil, Gene’s son.  Jill also met Geri and became a sitter for her children, John Ross and Hayes. Through these relationships she met Gene. She states, “No one could be around Mr. Gene and not be addicted to his spirit and friendliness. He always was a support to all of us teenagers.”

Jill graduated from The University of South Carolina at Coastal with a degree in Elementary Education and began her teaching career in 1995. She has since earned her Master’s in School Counseling and has been a school counselor at Ocean Drive Elementary since 2009. She is also a Nationally Certified Teacher.  She currently lives in Little River and has three children, Brady, Cooper, and Mallaree. Her hobbies are spending time on the beach, reading, and attending South Carolina football games.