His Life

“If you needed something, Gene said, ‘I’ll take care of that.” He’d go away and come back with it. You didn’t always know how, but Gene always came through. He had a warmth about him and selflessness that was very endearing to a lot of people, and everybody wanted to help him improve the lives of other people.”

Kelly Tilghman

The Golf Channel

Myrtle Beach Online

Gene Weldon leaves legacy as mentor and friend to many in Myrtle Beach golf community

Article by Alan Blondin

In Memory of a Legend

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“Gene was a mentor, a steward, family, and friend to all the golf professionals who have met him. He has affected all of us in some way personally and professionally. We called him the Godfather. He was a dear friend and family for all of us. He was our guy.”

Mike Buccerone

President, East Coast Golf Management