What is the Gene’s Dream Foundation?

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Gene’s Dream Foundation

Gene’s Dream Foundation is in honor of Gene Weldon, a PGA professional whose lifetime was consumed by contributions to golf in the Carolinas, countless mentoring efforts including the Golf Channel’s Kelly Tilghman and Charlie Rymer, and selfless love of family, the game of golf and our youth.

Weldon’s legacy will be carried on through the foundation in his name and the Mentor Cup on October 27, 2018 where junior golf mentees will be nominated to play with their mentors based on golf proficiency, the quality of their interaction and ability to provide a positive example for others.

David Feherty will participate in the event kickoff with a two hour performance benefiting the foundation. We remember Gene’s warm heart and smile, and can already hear him laughing at Feherty Off Tour: Wandering Around on His Own.

My father has always been my mentor. He put a golf club in my hands at the age of 3 and never pushed golf or any other sport on me. He guided me throughout all stages of my life until the very end. He is my definition of a mentor, someone who helps shape you and guide you through life.  I hope to pass on this legacy to my own daughter and all the junior golfers in the area Wil Weldon

“If you needed something, Gene said, ‘I’ll take care of that.” He’d go away and come back with it. You didn’t always know how, but Gene always came through. He had a warmth about him and selflessness that was very endearing to a lot of people, and everybody wanted to help him improve the lives of other people.” Kelly Tilghman

The Golf Channel

In life, business, sports…..everybody learns from somebody. It’s vitally important to honor those you learned from, by not only using the skills they helped you develop, but also to pay forward the time they invested in you. If all of us put this simple concept into practice, the benefits to society would be immeasurable. Charlie Rymer

The Golf Channel